Christening Event

Joel’s Christening
Theme: Blue, Light Blue & White Colors
Date: October 3, 2010
Where: Hilton Hotel (Hilton Newark/Fremont)

Welcome to the Christian World Joel!

We organized and Set-up Joel’s Christening Party at Hilton Hotel Newark last 2010. And here are the sample decors we made.

  • Entrance Poster & Balloon Set-Up
  • Chair Covers & Balloon Centerpieces
  • Stage Set-Up with Celebrant’s Lifesize Standee, 6ft Pillars, Text/Name Lifesize Cutouts and other Toy Decors
  • Personalized 4 shots template for the Photobooth which served as Joel’s Photo Souvenir for his family & guests.
Christening Party Decor

Christening Party Decor

If you would like to see more of our works/events, please visit www.pixcophotobooth.comWe are very proud of all of our works, events and client’s success stories.  We encourage you to read more about Pix.Co Photobooth on our website.



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