Pix.CO Photobooth for a Cause.. Shoes for Orphan Souls

We are blessed and humbled to be a part of K-Love & in addition to supporting the ministry of K-LOVE, a new pair of shoes were supplied to over 30,000 children in need at Shoes for Orphan Souls. ♥

Thank you to all our Pix.CO clients & friends who continue to believe and support us. Without all of you we won’t be able to be a blessing ♥

Check http://www.klove.com/ministry/featured.aspx?i=101 for more information.


If you would like to see more of our works/events, please visit www.pixcophotobooth.comWe are very proud of all of our works, events and client’s success stories.  We encourage you to read more about Pix.Co Photobooth on our website. ♥