World Child Cancer USA: Improve Cancer Care For 50 Children In Ghana

As you know Pix.CO Photobooth is not just your ordinary Photobooth Business. For every booking, we share a fraction of our blessings to World Child Cancer, to improve curative and palliative treatment for poor children with cancer. =)

And we would like to invite you for World Child Cancer USA’s #Giving Tuesday

World Child Cancer #GivingTuesday

World Child Cancer #GivingTuesday

Let’s help raise money for World Child Cancer’s project in Ghana for #GivingTuesday (a day for giving back).  Tomorrow, donations will be matched at 15% by Global Giving and there’s a $1,000 bonus for the organization with the most donations.  This#GivingTuesday, help kids with #cancer in Ghana. Donating is tax deductible for people in the US. You can donate here:

Please share with your friends and family. Thanks so much for your support!


If you would like to see updates/news/latest happenings, please visit www.pixcophotobooth.comWe are very proud of all of our works, events and client’s success stories.

We encourage you to read more about Pix.Co Photobooth on our website.



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